Public Outreach

The Public Outreach Department is responsible for PCATI’s media work, image and branding. The department’s ongoing work involves organizing professional conferences, such as the June 2015 “From Taqsim Square to Rabin Square: Institutionalized Violence” conference on police brutality; other conferences to raise awareness of institutional violence and the impunity enjoyed by representatives of official institutions such as the “Attorney General and the Secret Torturer” conference held in April 2015; and exhibitions seeking to raise awareness of torture and torturer impunity such as the “And We Were Tortured” exhibit held in September 2012.

Other ways the Public Outreach Department works to illuminate issues around torture and ill-treatment and to draw attention it include the creation of art pieces and video clips such as an animated clip on police brutality ) and theatrical monologues:

מונולוגים תיאטרליים
סרט אנימציה להגברת המודעות לנושא אלימות משטרתית

The Public Outreach Department is also responsible for spokesperson duties: staying connected with reporters, writing press releases, arranging for interviews and spreading PCATI’s message in all print, broadcast and electronic media. This also includes managing social networking platforms: PCATI’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Linked-In profile and YouTube channel. The Public Advocacy Department is also in charge of the newsletter and upkeep of the website.