Legal Work

The creation of a mechanism for examining complaints of violations by the security authorities is a central mechanism in maintaining the image of adherence to the “rule of law.” Each branch of the security apparatus has its own complaint examination mechanism: the Inspector of Interrogee Complaints (IIC or Mavtan) for the ISA, the Police Investigations Division (PID or Makhash) for the Israel Police, the National Prison Guards Investigation Division for the Israel Prison Service, and the Military Police Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU or Metzakh) for the IDF. Ostensibly there is a mechanism to ensure that each and every person entrusted with the authority to use force and to enforce the law acts within the rule of law. These mechanisms are also meant to recommend the prosecution of every interrogator, police person, prison guard or soldier who acts unlawfully. Yet, in practice, these mechanisms almost inevitably provide perpetrators with impunity and refrain from criminally prosecuting them.

In April 2016 PCATI submitted a Shadow Report to the UN Committee Against Torture, ahead of the State of Israel’s appearance before the Committee and its report on the implementation of the Convention Against Torture. To read PCATI’s full report in English, click here