PRESS RELEASE - EMBARGOED UNTIL 3 JUNE 2019 00:00 GMT                                                                   May 2019   KILLING AT UMM AL-HIRAN   Forensic Architecture’s investigation into the aftermath of the killing by police of Yaqub Musa Abu alQi’an finds ongoing violations: police used ‘less-lethal’ munitions against civilians, potentially including Arab politician Ayman Odeh. Later, police failed to share crucial ...


The case in front of you concerns a Palestinian woman arrested and interrogated by the ISA in 2009. During the interrogation she underwent physical torture, including painful shackling, sleep deprivation, and threats of having her family members interrogated. In addition, she was sexually harassed: one interrogator placed hand on her ...


Abu Gosh is a Palestinian man arrestet and interrogated by the Israeli authorities in 2007. He was arrested and transferred to an interrogation facility of the ISA. His interrogation lasted 37 days, during which he was banned from seeing his attorney or any other person (incommunicado detention). He was ...