• Ten medico-legal assessments were conducted in 2014, including one with a minor, five with asylum seekers, two inside prisons and two which led to the release of asylum seekers held at the “Holot” Facility. Thus the total number of medico-legal evaluations carried out reached 27. Of the assessments held in 2014, seven were signed and served as part of our litigation work. Thirty-five PCATI clients were referred to physical and psychological rehabilitation, whether in Israel or in Palestine. So far 13 of these have continued with and completed their treatment plans.
  • In 2013, seven medico-legal assessments were carried out. Of these five were signed and served in judicial proceedings. One of the interviews was conducted with an asylum seeker and another one with a woman.
  • Five medico-legal assessments were conducted in 2012, including one with a minor.
  • In 2014, DR Kurur Finkachi, A Medico-Legal expert from Turkey, gave the Israeli high court an expert opinion in the case of Arafat Jaradat, a prisoner who died in Megido prison after being tortured in an interrogation