Conferences and Publications



December 2014: Conference held in Turkey on the subject of trauma, as well as mental health in peace and war: Dr. Bettina Birmans was present on behalf of PCATI, and contributed to a panel on hunger strikes.

December 2014: International Association for Analytical Psychology conference in London – “Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology.” Dr. Tristan Troudart, mental health expert in the Medico-Legal Documentation Project, delivered two talks: on the interpersonal processes which take place between torturer and victim; and on the complex interaction between the interviewer (a physician or medical health professional) and the torture victim, whose joint process carries more significance than the defined purpose of documenting torture.

15-14 October 2015:The first international conference of the Haruv Institute – an advanced training and research center on child abuse and neglect.
The conference will include a presentation on the abuse of children during arrest and detention produced in conjunction with Dr. Maya Mukamel, an expert in the Medico-Legal Documentation Project, and led by Michal Fruchtman of PsychoActive – Mental Health Professionals for Human Rights.

July 2015: Star Conference
In early July health experts of PCATI’s Medico-Legal Documentation Project took part in the Star Conference, the annual international scientific conference of the Research of Stress and Anxiety Society. Dr. Tamar Lavi chaired the panel on: LONG TERM SEQUELAE OF TORTURE AND CRUEL, INHUMANE AND DEGRADING TREATMENT: PALESTINIAN DETAINEES AND ISRAELI MEDICAL & MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS, which dealt with the medical situations of victims of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The panel included lectures by additional experts from PCATI’s medico-legal documentation team: Dr. Bettina Birmans, Dr. Maya Mukamel and Dr. Tristan Troudart.


December 2014 – Letter from the Member of Knesset, Merav Michaeli, to the Justice Minister and Internal Security Minister regarding the treatment of torture victims held in the Saharonim and Holot facilities.

April 2015 – Article published in the Israel Psychological Association’s “Psychoaktualia” magazine by Medico-Legal Documentation Project expert Dr. David Senesh: “In the Face of Evil: Can Professional Tools Evaluate the Psychological Effects of Torture?”

June 2015 – Information page about torture developed in cooperation with the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims and the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (TRC) in Palestine.