Since Israel’s occupation of the West Bank in 1967 responsibility for the safety and well-being of the Palestinians living there has been in the hands of the Israeli military. Soldiers and military personnel routinely and frequently commit acts of violence against residents of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, complaints of which are supposed to be examined by the Military Police CIU (or Metzakh). PCATI’s June 2014 report on the CIU indicates that, of the 133 complaints of torture, cruel, humiliating and inhuman treatment of detainees in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by soldiers, only two produced indictments: two soldiers – or under two percent of those accused – were indicted, under assault charges. 73% of the cases were simply closed; the remainder has been under examination for over six years as of 2015.
In cases of IDF violence, PCATI provides legal representation to injured Palestinian detainees, filing complaints with the Military Advocate General, following up on complaints, appealing the closure of complaint files and sending petitions to the High Court of Justice.