Education Project

The “Cinema and Human Rights” educational project was launched in. The project’s motto – “Bad things happen when good people keep quiet”
– implies that human rights violations are enabled when we remain unaware and passive.
The primary aim of this project is to encourage critical thinking on social matters and human rights issues such as the right to equality, women’s rights, refugee rights, LGBT rights, freedom of religion, and the right to be protected from torture.
We do this through watching a series of films which address various aspects of human rights and their violation. These are discussed with the active participation of the group after the viewing. From meeting to meeting, participants’ gain sensitivity to the elements of cinematic construction and its contribution to each film’s message.

Our hope is that this critical thinking will continue to accompany participants in the future and train them in a critical citizenship whether they are encountering any of human rights situations in their everyday life.
The project is meant for group work with high school youth, university students, and adults in the community. The project consists of a series of four meetings, each devoted to a certain film and topic. After the viewing a discussion of the issues raised by the film is held, with emphasis on human rights and the issue’s relevance to Israeli society.
In 2014 almost 2,000 youths participated in the project.

Teacher’s Course

We also offer training and assistance for teachers interested in organizing these activities in their own classrooms. This version of the project is based on combining the teachers’ understanding of effective methods of instruction (and especially their experience with what transpires in their own classrooms) and the cinematic and social knowledge and experience accumulated over years of running the project.

Work in Informal Educational Settings

PCATI’s Education Department conducts one-time or repeated sessions as part of Cinema and Human Rights series with youth movements and with pre-military preparatory schools.

Work with Prisoners

In 2014 we began expanding the project to include prisoners, by running a training session with Prison Education Officers and through guest lectures.
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